вторник, 16 апреля 2019 г.

Graphic 45 2019 Brand Ambassador Audition

Today we submit our application to the design of the dream team Graphic 45. We are Eklyu family tandem: mother (Irina) and daughter (Daria). We live in the city of Kursk, Russia. By profession we are: teacher (Irina) and architect (Daria). Our first and greatest love in scrapbooking is materials Graph45. We love to create various albums, alter objects, notepads. We shoot video and photo a step by step tutorial, we make professional photos of our works.

Today we will present you a step by step tutorial for creating a notepad. We show our ability to create simple, but spectacular designs, beautiful decor of the finished work and the use of the entire line of materials of the company Graphic 45.

Step by step tutorial for creating a notepad.

Notepad Video Review

Our work using materials Graphic 45 can be found here.
We also do video tutorials step by step. An example can be found here.

4 комментария:

  1. Ира, Даша, отличный МК! Держу за Вас "кулачки".

  2. Hello Irina & Daria, thank you for sharing this detailed and delightful notepad. Loved the video tutorial and seeing how you work together. Thanks for sharing. Happy Papercrafting!